Theme Park Land Refresh

Maximizing capital spend and guest credit

Theme Park Land Refresh

Maximizing capital spend and guest credit

Project Role: Aeronautica Landing

Creative Director, Conceptual Designer, Show Set Designer, Master Planner

Tasked with reimagining an existing themed land, Basemint provided unique area development, five distinct ride concepts, live entertainment design, food and beverage concepts and revenue driving games to bring the concept to life. Local artisans were engaged to co-create the art installations using found and recycled elements designed to provide functional seating and shade components. Basemint performed as the lead creative consultant, developing the initial story treatment, concepts, master planning and schematic design.



“One can’t help but feel a bit inspired by soaking in the thematic layers of Aeronautica Landing.”

Attractions Magazine


“The ingenuity and creativity of what Cedar Fair accomplishes with the Aeronautica Landing makeover can offer the global attractions industry insight to what can be done with existing facilities to keep them fresh, relevant, and marketable for repeat visitation.”



“The area is stunningly beautiful, and should set a standard for future new park areas at Cedar Fair parks (and hopefully other regional park chains) around the country.”

Coaster 101


Luminous, Objective, Unapologetic, Determined.